Gordon Creek Falls


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Gordon Creek Falls is located west of Helper and Price, Utah. It is well-known to local residents, but sees very little foot traffic by hikers from outside the immediate area.

The lower falls can be photographed from an overlook, or hikers can scramble down to the base of the falls. If you continue upstream only 0.5 miles, you’ll reach the upper falls of Gordon Creek. The upper falls are not at impressive as the lower falls, but they will offer more solitude. There is also an old miner’s cabin.

From Price, head north on US Highway 191/Highway 6 toward Helper.

After traveling 4.5 miles on the highway, riders will turn left onto Consumers Road. Continue straight on this road for about 2.7 miles and then turn left onto Trestle Road.

Take Drive about 3 miles south of Helper, UT on Highway 191/Highway 6. Turn right onto Consumers Road, and drive 2.7 miles. Veer left onto a dirt road. If you drive past the railroad track you’ve gone too far. Once down the dirt road, cross the first cattle guard and continue driving. At 1.6 miles you will be parallel to the railroad track on your right. At 2.5 miles cross the railroad track and continue down the dirt road to the left, and the railroad track will now be on your left. At 3.1 miles cross the 2nd cattle guard. At 3.3 miles look for the Gordon Creek Trail sign on your right. Park anywhere near this sign. The trail literally starts here, so to get to the falls just walk down this ATV road.



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